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New audit information shows Borge spent over 6 million on photos of himself

Cancun, Q.R. — In their ongoing audit, the Ministry of Finance and Planning has revealed that previous state governor, Roberto Borge, spent more than six million peso of public money on photographs of himself.

La Secretaría de Finanzas y Planeación (Sefiplan) says that during their audits, they have discovered that Borge hired two companies to print a total of 4,450 photographs of himself for a total cost of 6,415,425 peso to taxpayers.

The photos were paid for with public resources and meant for walls inside government buildings around the state. Proveedora Aguilera del Sureste SA de CV was one of the two companies to whom just over 2.2 million peso was paid. The second company was Fimac SA de CV who earned more than 4.1 million peso for printing just over 3,300 photos of the governor.

Selfiplan says that for the same amount of money, four dome shelters over school playgrounds could have been built.

“Any expense that is made for an office portrait of an acting governor and with public money is excessive and unnecessary, even if it had a cost of 10 pesos, since with it basic infrastructure could be built like a school.”

According to a report by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation, the cost of a dome is around 1.5 million peso.