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New 80-boat marina approved for Cancun Hotel Zone

Cancun, Q.R. — A new marina for the Cancun Hotel Zone has been approved by government officials. Once built, the marina will be able to accommodate 80 boats.

The Marina Flamingo project, which will be constructed at Kilometer 11.5 of Boulevard Kukulcán, has been given approval for construction from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

According to their documents, the commercial marina will be used to park private nautical vehicles for commercial purposes, including boats and yachts. It will consist of loading and unloading areas and will be on Lake Bojórquez in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

The project is headed by Flamingo Board Walk SA de CV who said that the construction will require an investment of approximately $7 million USD with a recovery period of six years.

Part of the structure of the new Marina Flamingo will be built within the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone, however, that part already exists as a wood deck and will only require remodeling.

According to their documents, the rest of the project will be constructed on Laguna Bojorquez. It explains that their ramp will be concrete with a design that will allow minimum negative impact on seagrass since the design uses piloted foundations that allow the circulation of the flow in north-south direction and slots in horizontal arrangement that allow the passage of sunlight.

The construction of the Marina Flamingo will consist of a commercial marina with hardwoods from the region. Once complete, it will be 112 meters long and 113 meters wide in two extensions, or secondary axes, arranged perpendicular to the main axis.

These secondary axles will be used for the berthing of larger yachts and 20-30 foot boats with off-board motors.