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New 42-inch televisions accidentally sell for 64 peso

Xcalak, Campeche – Shoppers at a local Bodega Aurrera were surprised to find new 42-inch HDTVs on sale for a whopping 64.50 peso.

The Bodega Aurrera, which is Walmart’s warehouse store, had apparently mis-priced the televisions as being on sale for 64.50 peso or the equivalent of about $4 USD. Customers found the televisions and their largely displayed price tag confusing since the first two numbers were large and the last two numbers smaller, indicating the price to be 64.50 peso.

When shoppers went to pay for their televisions, store clerks refused to honor the price saying that the price was wrong and that they could not sell the televisions at 64.50 peso. The Xcalak store manager also refused to honor the displayed price, but did offer to sell the televisions at half the normal cost.

When one woman agreed to half the price, the television was scanned for payment, but rang up as 4,999 peso, a price different again to what the television should have been. Instead of buying the televison, a complaint was filed with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) in Campeche who determined that the store Bodega Aurrera located in Xcalak, Campeche, respect the price of 64.50 peso.

Rafael Montero Romero, delegate of Profeco in Campeche, reported that because of the way the numbers were displayed in the store, it was determined that Bodega Aurrera had to respect their advertised offer and sell the televisions at the displayed price. He noted that companies who refuse to respect displayed prices can be fined up to 300,000 peso.

Several customers from the Xcalak Bodega Aurrera in Campeche cashed in on the deal, paying 64.50 peso for their brand new 42-inch televisions.