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Neighborhood residents set fire to mobile unit after accusing police of killing man

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Residents of a Playa del Carmen neighborhood set fire to a mobile police unit in what they say was retaliation for the death of a local man.

Residents in a subdivision of Villas del Sol accused federal police of fatally shooting a local man. The shooting, which was responded to by Playa del Carmen police, was recorded at 5:40 p.m. Monday evening when emergency services received a call of a man shot, laying on a dirt road.

Captain Juan Carlos García Miranda, head of the General Directorate of the State Ministerial Police, said that emergency 911 received a report of a person being injured by gunfire. Personnel from the city’s Homicide and Experts unit attended to the call.

Photo: General Directorate of the State Ministerial Police

When they arrived, there were already 10 members of the federal police with three vehicles on scene. They had cordoned off the area where the body of the deceased man was lying. While carrying out their investigation, Garcia Miranda reported that neighbors broke the cordon and violently rebuked police, claiming that the federal police were the ones who shot the man.

Although police and medical officials managed with the removal of the body, the team withdrew their vehicles when neighbors of the subdivision attacked them. Captain García Miranda said that police were attacked by around 150 people after they surrounded police and their vehicles.

He says neighbors began throwing sticks and stones and that they managed to damage the city’s vehicles. Before all was said and done, he said they also began to demolish the city’s mobile police unit by overturning it and setting it on fire.

Police agents managed to take refuge in a private house where they were forced to shoot in the air four times to subdue the violence. The mob eventually dispersed.

Garcia Miranda said there were no injured people or victims during the regrettable incident and that ministerial police are investigating for the demarcation of responsibilities.