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Nearly half of university graduates in Mexico say salaries less than expected

Mexico City, Mexico — Almost half of recent graduates in Mexico say their first-year salaries are much less than expected, averaging around 8,000 peso per month.

According to the National Survey of Graduates 2018 (ENE), 31 percent of those who have completed university receive salaries of between 8,000 and 15,000 peso per month for their first full time job.

With data collected from 12,869 participants, 49 percent of new graduates say that for their first professional job, the salaries are much lower than what they expected for having completed university studies.

The National Survey of Graduates study also found women tend to receive lower wages than men. Only 21 percent of women receive income between 8,000 and 15,000 peso, while 25 percent of men receive the same amount.

By area of study, the income greater than 15,000 pesos per month belongs to the Health area (11 percent), followed by engineering, manufacturing and construction (8 percent).

Among the graduates who earn less than 3,000 pesos per month are those who graduate from the Arts and Humanities, and Agronomy and Veterinary careers (34 percent in both cases).

Just over 6,800 study participants said that their first job out of university was study-related. New graduates who took jobs in non-study-related fields earned the least amount each month, averaging slightly under 5,000 peso.

The National Survey of Graduates regularly evaluates the state of the country’s labor scheme to contribute to the formulation of public policies to align higher education with economic and social needs at the national level.

Their surveys are also intended to help universities design educational offers based on the needs of the labor market, helping students choose their professional studies based on the current demand for skills and income of companies.