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Nearly half of Cancun street vendors selling without permits

Cancun, Q.R. — The city of Cancun is trying to deal with the thousands of street vendors that make a living from selling items along public roadways, however, it is proving to be a difficult task.

Melitón Ortega García, councilman of the Commission of Industries and Trade of Cancun says that there are approximately 3,600 street vendors per month noted on city streets, of which only about 50 percent are approved.

Nearly half of the vendors that sell along the public roadways are doing so without permits, he says, adding that it is difficult to find them because they are not in a fixed location and the city lacks the appropriate number of inspectors.

He explained that although they know the neighborhoods with the largest amount of non-permit workers, officials cannot just come and remove them.

“The city council can not come and take them away because it is a way for them to work because they do not have the possibility of finding a job,” explained Melitón Ortega saying, “That is why every month we are approving new businesses.”

The vendors are informal businesses that need to be identified by the Directorate of Commerce so they can assign an authorized space.

He says in places such as Plaza Las Americas there are more than 15 itinerant businesses that are placed on the sidewalk, mainly at night, something that years ago, was not as prevalent because it was not permitted.