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Nearly 300 kilos of cocaine found off coast of Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — Nearly 300 kilos of cocaine have been found off the coast of Puerto Aventuras.

The Navy of Mexico made the discovery after a call regarding a sunken boat was seen with only a portion of bow above water. Navy personnel headed to the site where divers inspected the sunken boat in search of bodies.

Photo: Navy Secretariat of Mexico

The boat was found floating Saturday between the villages of Paamul and Puerto Aventuras. According to reports, Search and Rescue was deployed, however instead of bodies, divers found hundreds of packages of what later turned out to be cocaine.

In total, 290 kilos of packaged cocaine was secured by the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico. They reported finding 12 large wrapped packages. Inside the large packages were 302 smaller packages that, when combined, weighed 290 kilos.

On board, Navy officials also found two large motors and two 200-liter drums of fuel among other items. All items were made available to the Attorney General’s Office.