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Nearly 3 tons of seized drugs burned in Tamaulipas

Reynosa, Tamaulipas — Personnel of the Attorney General of the Republic in the State Delegation in Tamaulipas carried out the destruction of nearly three tons of narcotics that were the result of various seizures.

The office of Tamaulipas reported that the destroyed drugs included nearly a ton of cocaine, 758 kilos of marijuana, two kilos marijuana plants, almost 26 kilos of heroin, just under 14 of methamphetamine, along with 25 units of clobenzorex hydrochloride and 24 units of methylphenidate.

Photo: Procuraduría General de la República

The destruction of the illegal material was witnessed by federal ministerial police and experts, led by the Federal Public Ministry, who coordinated the event and conducted the counting, weighing and incineration of the narcotics.

Military authorities and the Internal Control Body of the PGR attended and verified the procedure.

The destruction is part of the country’s Narcotics Destruction Program which is part of the National Code of Criminal Procedure, which provides for the destruction of insured drugs and objects that are considered instruments of crime.