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Nearly 26 million kids head back to school across Mexico

Mexico — Nearly 26 million students return to classes Monday with what the ministry of education says, will be the beginning of the new educational reform.

The Ministry of Public Education reported that Monday, the first phase of the New Educational Model, a main part of the educational reform, will start as nearly 26 million kids head back to school.

In a statement, the ministry said that the implementation of the plan and study programs of the New Educational Model will include the three grades of pre-school, first and second of primary and first of secondary.

The 2018-2019 school year for both public and private schools will incorporate the new National Educational System. They explain that the new curriculum is organized around three components. Academic training, which consists of national observance subjects. Personal and social development, including social-emotional skills and curricular autonomy, which gives school communities the opportunity to define a part of the curriculum according to their interests and needs.

The ministry says that over the summer, nearly 1.2 million teachers have been trained within the framework of the Continuing Education Strategy. The training also included the National School Supervision Workshop with more than 1,000 supervisors from all 32 states attending.

The Ministry of Public Education says the new education model was implemented to ensure better schools, better teachers and better content so students have a quality education for the 21st century.