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Navy chase fishermen poaching pink snail at Mahahual

Mahahual, Q.R. — The Navy of Mexico from the Port of Mahahual have seized at least one boat they say was involved in the illegal poaching of pink snails.

The seizure came after they received information from the Captaincy of Puerto de Mahahual that a small vessel was thought to be moving a load of pink snail from the Chinchorro Bank Biosphere Reserve to the coast.

The Mexican Navy deployed two interceptor-type patrols and personnel while the Harbor Master’s office conducted stationary surveillance to locate and eventually detain the illegal fishermen. However, once the men noticed the Marine boats coming their way, they dumped the snails and headed for shore.

The crew on the boat Esbeydi Daniel fled toward Costa Maya while being pursued by one of the patrols for the barrier reef. Approximately 15 kilometers from Mahahual, those on board the Esbeydi Daniel dumped the snails, abandoned their boat and fled on foot.

When navy personnel located the abandoned boat, they found a total of 200 liters of stored gasoline on four other nearby vessels.

The Navy of Mexico routinely performs monitoring to protect the endangered species in the protected natural areas of the Mexican marine zones.