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Nautical tourism takes hit as strong winds persist

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Nautical tourism continues to suffer as strong winds prevail for the fifth day in a row.

Local ports remain closed to small boats and watercraft due to strong winds and wind gusts. During the past week, two small fishing boats filled with water and sank as gusting winds continue to pound local shores. Boat owners were able to retrieve their vessels and eventually move them onto dry land.

Although larger vessels like the ferry services that run between the mainland and Isla Cozumel continue to run, operators of tourist services have not. José Gómez Burgos, Mar Caribe secretary of tourism, says that there are about 50 people who are directly employed by nautical tourism services.

He explains, “There has been no activity. We are expecting the winds to cease, but we see nothing concrete yet. Workers are waiting for something positive to happen. In the meantime, we are providing maintenance to the vessels.”

Local meteorologist, Luis Antonio Morales Ocaña, says that it won’t likely be until Monday when the strong winds finally recede. Until then, we can expect persistent winds and wind gusts of between 25 to 45 kilometers per hour.

He adds that the windy system is caused by “two mass polar air systems that are pushing cold front number 45 into a mass of warm air that is on this side of the Caribbean Sea. The two systems are like power-balancing forces that keeps the cold front stationary south of Campeche prolonging the winds along the coastline.”

The high winds have also created concern for the already eroded beaches as large continual waves only make it worse. Local lifeguards have also experienced additional incidences with increased watches as they urge swimmers to stay close to shore.

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