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National Security says gang related crime in Mexico increased in 26 states

In a recent conference, Santiago Roel of Semáforo Delictivo noted that homicides across the country increased in 26 states with figures showing murders rose from 20,549 in 2016 to 25,339 in 2017, an increase of 23 percent adding that murders committed by organized crime during the past year increased by 55 percent over 2016.

If the murders are compared with characteristics of having been committed by organized crime members, those figures rose from 12,224 cases in 2016 to 18,989 during 2017, an increase of 55 percent.

“They are executions that are related to the fight for and control over the territories,” Roel explained.

Roel said that the increase in the number of homicides attributed to the dispute between cartels reflects “the great failure” of the strategy of the federal government in the matter of security.

He recalled that 2017 was the worst security year in the country’s recent history, as it broke the record of homicides, an offense that increased in 26 of 32 states adding that overall, there was a rise in all crimes, mainly those considered high impact.

Roel estimated that the only viable strategy is the one that the federal government has avoided, which is regulating drugs. “We do not see the issue on the national agenda. We do not see entrepreneurs understanding and promoting the solution to the conflict,” he added.

He indicated that the security strategy must be rethought, recognize that there is a failure, end with the imposition of actions by the United States government and enter the regulation of drugs.

“If we continue doing more of the same, we will continue to have more of the same. If there is no change in strategy, there will be no change in the figures. This administration which is ending, never wanted to do something different than the previous administration. It was makeup. It was cosmetic, a media strategy, but nothing of substance,” he said.

According to informtion by Roel, there are red spots in at least 16 of the 32 entities due to the increase in high-impact crimes. The case of Nayarit stands out, where homicides increased 554 percent.

Other states with exponential growth in the number of intentional homicides were Baja California Sur, by 192 percent, Aguascalientes by 119 percent, Quintana Roo by 118 percent and Baja California by 77 percent.

Guerrero ranks first in executions related to organized crime with 2,011 cases, followed by Guanajuato with 1,983, Veracruz with 1,919, Michoacán with 1,327, Chihuahua with 1,260, Baja California with 1,187 and Sinaloa with 1,028.