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Narcotics officer shot, killed on Playa del Carmen street

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A narcotics officer was shot and killed in Playa del Carmen Tuesday morning by three men from a van.

The shooting was reported to Emergency 911 at 9:02 a.m. in the city’s subdivision of Las Palmas II. Preliminary reports say the agent was shot by unknown assailants who appeared in a white van. A total of four men were reported inside the van.

Witnesses say they heard a gun fired at least 10 times after three of the men got out while the driver of the van remained inside.

The deceased officer has been identified as Eusebio Bautista García, a narcotics investigator. Garcia was also shot in the chest in 2017 by cell members while on duty, but was saved by his bullet proof vest. He was recently commissioned to head the narcotics unit for the municipality of Solidaridad.

Police combed the neighborhoods where witnesses say the van fled, however, there were no reported arrests. The investigation continues.

Unofficial reports say the officer’s death was in revenge for the recent arrest of several local cocaine dealers. Unofficial reports also say that two people were arrested in the irregular community of In House in Playa del Carmen the same day as the shooting, but police have not made a statement or confirmed that information or that any arrests were made related to the death of the officer.