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Museum of Prehistory in Tulum closes its doors

Tulum, Q.R. — The Museo de la Era del Hielo en la Península, which is also known as the Museum of Prehistory, closed its doors due to a legal claim.

Víctor Maas, president of the Comisariado, confirmed the closure of the museum due to legal problems, but without providing any details.

“The site is closed today because someone who claims ownership sued the Ejido. We understand they are claiming a payment of six million peso,” explained another comunero, who asked to omit his name.

The construction of the museum was financed by the directors of the ejido Jacinto Pat, which also allowed the exploration of cenotes and underground rivers, namely Dos Ojos. This exploration led to the discovery of several prehistoric bones.

The museum was administered by the Institute of the Prehistory of America, as a coadjutor of the work of the INAH. It is not known who initiated the lawsuit against the Ejido. The is no word on how long the museum will remain closed.