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Municipality receives new garbage trucks

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A multi-million peso investment has seen the arrival of seven new garbage trucks for the municipality.

The municipal government says it has invested 9.4 million peso of its own resources in trucks for garbage collection, as well as an irrigation pipe for the Environment Directorate.

“We worked to have sufficient collection capacity to respond to the citizens with the improvement of public services since we received the government without garbage trucks from the previous administration. Today we are proud to be able to add seven more units to the vehicle fleet of the General Directorate of Public Services,” said Municipal President, Cristina Torres Gómez.

The total investment for the new collection of vehicles was 10.8 million peso, of which 9.4 came from the fiscal resources of the municipality with the remaining 1.3 million peso being donated from the private sector.

“We are confident that these units will have a longer life so we invite citizens to participate in the new garbage separation campaign It’s in Your Hands, so we are a municipality that contributes to the care of the environment,” she added.

Cristina Torres stressed that thanks to the financial discipline that has been applied since the beginning of the current administration, it has been possible to provide better tools to the operating areas of the government of Solidarity. Now, she says, today the Directorate General of Services Municipal Public Utilities has 77 units for the collection of waste.

Due to increased tourism and city growth, municipality garbage collection has increased from 450 tons per day in 2016 to 600 tons per day in 2017, a figure that increases by more than 30 percent over holiday seasons such as Christmas.