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Municipality of Playa del Carmen preparing for rainy season

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — With the rainy season around the corner, Civil Protection has announced it has detected the most likely areas of the municipality to flood.

Through a program Operation Storm the organization intends to warn residents in the possible flood areas to help prevent them being flooded from their homes.

Guillermo Morales Lopez, head of the agency in Solidarity, said their prevention strategy includes a program for desilting of absorption wells in flood-prone areas and if necessary, consider opening a shelter.

“One must understand that a flood is defined by areas with more than a meter of water and constitutes more than three days of eviction. There are about six points in the first frame of the city as well as houses in the western that are the most exposed, ” said the city official.

He stressed that subdivisions such as La Guadalupana and Los Olivos still have construction material on the streets. This material is known for clogging the street drains. Also, garbage along the streets will prevent the wells from draining properly.

Meanwhile, Antonio Morales Ocana, local meteorologist, said that as of June 10 tropical wave number 4 is set to pass through the municipality with a large area of instability, bringing with it isolated showers. The squalls will last about 48 hours.

“This system is not even a storm but it will cause cloudy skies and rain and showers almost everywhere in the state. We will have high temperatures in wet weather but it will not be severe and last for two days maximum beginning Wednesday,” he explained.

Morales Ocana says that in the coastal zones, wave and storm surge precautions should be noted and in coastal solidarense, rains from the tropical wave could cause a rise in the waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

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