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Municipality garbage separation program needs reconsidering

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Uncertainty and misinformation are words being used as the  municipality’s garbage separation program continues to come under fire as some say the program needs to be reconsidered.

President of the Association of Owners Investors and Providers of Tourism Services in the Riviera Maya, Lenin Amaro Betancourt says, “There is a great improvisation in the beginning of the separation of garbage program, because recycling is a whole culture. To carry it out, we must start with specific programs in schools, in homes and in the divisions where it can be taught to the people what they have to do to separate. What is recyclable and what not.”

Amaro Betancourt commented that when it comes to the general population, uncertainty and misinformation is what’s circulating among the people.

“What is happening in Puerto Aventuras is a clear sign that people do not know what to do. The same thing is repeated in places like La Guadalupana. In talking to them, they told me that they do not know how to separate the garbage because they lack education and training.”

She added that, “Although recycling is an important issue, you cannot start overnight. There is a need for more diffusion so that you can begin to implement it.” She also said that “The vast majority of people in Playa del Carmen have the impression that there was not enough dissemination before starting this program.”

She noted that there is a lack of necessary infrastructure for the program as both public places and tourist areas are without containers for the waste to be deposited separately.

“If the concession company starts to put the garbage in the street, as it happened in Puerto Aventuras and also in colonies like the Nicte-Ha, it can provoke a negative public health situation.

“Besides annoyance of the people is the lack of adequate infrastructure. Even when they do separate the garbage, it’s all is mixed again in the same truck, so I think it is necessary that this program stop now and start again in time with great diffusion and training before the garbage separation can be effective.

“We can see that it is a program that started with the left foot. It is necessary to think about it as a whole scenario that first there is the infrastructure to start the program, then people clearly learn how and what to separate.”