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Municipal officers now subject to breath tests

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Alcohol testing will be a new norm for police officers on a daily basis, says municipal president Cristina Torres.

The announcement came last week after an off-duty officer was videoed harassing a civilian. The officer, who was not on shift, was in full uniform carrying his weapon. The video went viral, showing the officer slapping a man. Municipal police were called by a bystander. The inebriated officer disappeared into a nearby hotel lobby when on-duty police arrived.

The new alcohol breath testing was announced by officials of the General Direction of Public Safety and Transit, saying that all officers will undergo the test at the time of entry and exit of their shift.

Municipal police officers will also be subject to a nutrition program and regular medical exams. Officers who excel in their work will be financially awarded.

“We want to recover the confidence of the people of Solidarity in the security corps and the best way to do it is with tangible and clear facts, giving results.”

The municipal branch of police is encouraged to continue working in coordination with other levels of security including the Ministry of Defense, the Mexican Army and the Ministry of Navy as well as with federal and state police. These coordinating efforts are included in the Municipal Development Plan in the government’s Solidarity Security plan.


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