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Municipal and Playacar officials come to entrance fee agreement

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A meeting between municipal officials and Playacar administration has resulted in an agreement that will ensure free access for tourists units.

The meeting was called after a new administration body for the residential community of Playacar attempted to impose a fee for tourist vans to enter the area and drop off guests.

Acting as a mediator, Playa del Carmen mayor Laura Beristain Navarrete attended the meeting along with Sigfrido Paz Paredes of the General Directorate of Economic Development and Federico Martínez Díaz, administrator of Playacar.

Beristain Navarrete called the meeting as an early intervention after learning via third-party of a conflict between Playacar and tourist service providers. She says they have agreed to ensure free access for tourist units to avoid damaging the tourist image of the area.

Last week, tourist providers took to social media to show their dismay at an attempted charge of 700 peso per unit to enter the residential community to drop off guests at hotels and other attractions resulting in drivers threatening to leave tourist outside the gates.

Paz Paredes explained that “After learning of the conflict, a meeting was called to seek a solution so that the main source of income and jobs in the municipality would not be affected,” adding that it was the goodwill of both parties involved to establish agreements for the good of Riviera Maya.

Federico Martínez Díaz, administrator of Playacar said that while some “points need to be refined, a good approach and good communication” was achieved with an advance in important agreements such the pre-registration of the units that enter the property.

Roberto Rubio, representative of the Mexican Association of Tourist Transporters said that the priority will always be “not to affect tourism”. Talks are expected to continue.