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Most violent areas of Cancun named by justice bureau

Cancun, Q.R. — The most violent areas in the city of Cancun have been named according to a report from the justice bureau.

The new coordination of the Security and Justice Bureau of the Municipalities of Benito Juárez and Isla Mujeres reports that on average, 44 murders take place each month in Cancun with the areas of El Crucero and Villas Otoch being the most violent in the city.

“The social degradation, the lack of neighborhood coherence and the high migration in the north of Cancún are reflected in a very serious problem of insecurity in the failed Villas Otoch subdivision, the 100 and 200 regions, as well as the El Cruise,” said Wexford James Tobin Cunningham, general coordinator of the Bureau.

James Tobin indicated that in the case of intentional homicides, it is estimated that the year will close with 42 to 44 executions per month in Cancun, a rather negative figure for the tourist destination.

He mentioned that in the last two years there has been an upward trend in homicides in Benito Juarez, with a peak in April with 60 homicides.

“Today, our idea is that these coming months will be complicated by the elections that have just ended and the transformation from one municipality to another. This transfer of powers normally generates a vacuum, which the board is seeking to avoid in this case,” he pointed out.

He noted that there are other indicators of violence, such as kidnapping, extortion, business robbery with violence and vehicle theft, stressing that if these acts are not controlled, more serious situations can be unleashed.

He reported that extortion peaked in November of last year and March of 2018 with six cases being reported, adding that they believe there are more but cannot record the incidences without formal complaints.

Business robbery with violence added 373 cases to figures in October 2017, a problem that is also increasing along with vehicle theft with an average of 45 a month.

Isla Mujeres, he says, has less crime but should not be neglected to avoid the island becoming a problem in the future.