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More than a dozen Cancun bars inspected for noise violations

Cancun, Q.R. — Citizen complaints about high levels of noise from Cancun bars has resulted in an inspection of several plazas.

Department officials from Benito Juárez City Council began inspections over the weekend, detecting noise levels from Plaza de Toros and Plaza Solare. Inspectors were calculating noise levels from restaurants, bars and nightclubs as well as asking for operating permits.

Jeannina Medrano Galindo who heads the Department of Ecology of Benito Juárez City Council, says that due to numerous citizen complaints, inspectors were sent out to verify noise levels coming from these establishments, and that La Chopperia in particular, had the most complaints from horns being blown in the streets by customers.

“Operations will be carried out on several sides to measure the decibels now that the end of the year parties begin, so they are on notice,” explained Medrano Galindo. “They are exhorted to regulate themselves, or otherwise, they will be fined.”

She added that while all of the establishments fell within the allotted 55 decibel nighttime noise allowance, most were without proper operating permits. Of the 15 establishments visited, she said that 90 percent were without the permits and have been given a deadline to obtain the correct paperwork before the department arrives for a second inspection.

Owners of La Chopperia have been told that additional noise makers, such as horns used by guests, need to remain inside the establishment.

Medrano Galindo said that they receive between three and four noise complaints per week, mostly about barking dogs. She says in those cases, Animal Welfare is sent out to verify the state of the dogs and owners are encouraged to keep their pets inside.