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More than 60 sent to Cancun jail for failing weekend check stops

Cancun, Q.R. — The Municipal Secretariat of Traffic and Public Safety reports more than 60 people were sent to Cancun jail over the weekend after being found driving over the legal limit.

They say that during their last breathalyzer operation, 66 drivers were found to be over the legal limit and sent to jail. In total, police stopped 567 vehicles and pulled over 200 for testing. Of the 66 sent to jail, three were women.

All 66 vehicles were also towed to the city pound. Those arrested will spend a detention period from 12 to 36 hours in jail, depending on their blood alcohol limit at the time of testing.

Over the weekend, one of the check stop points ended in tragedy when a motorist tried to avoid the stop. Driving at excessive speed, the young driver ended up rear-ending a parked vehicle causing both to burst into flames. Inside were three passengers, two of which have since died.

The Municipal Secretariat of Traffic and Public Safety reminds all drivers to be aware of the laws of the road including traffic regulations to avoid such events.