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More than 400 arrested in Cancun during spring break

Cancun, Q.R. — The office of Civil Protection says that although spring break in Cancun was successful this year, there were still drownings, car accidents, material damages and arrests.

According to their figures, the beaches of Cancun received over 112,500 visitors during Semana Santa and spring break. Their report shows 113 people were rescued from the sea with an additional 98 requiring assistance to return to shore. Of those, 10 required first aid while two people died from drowning.

The director of the Tourist Police of Benito Juárez, Carlos Bustos Álvarez, said that security was maintained in the Cancun Hotel Zone due to the deployment of additional police. He says that more than 100 municipal and state police rotated shifts to patrol the Hotel Zone along with the Mexican armed forces.

Bustos Álvarez said that this included sorting out traffic chaos throughout the city with the addition of a third lane in the Cancun Hotel Zone. He added that there were 12 auto accidents reported during the season.

Security figures also reported city material damages in the order of 1.5 million peso, but did not provide details.

Civil Protection did provide details on the amount of arrests that took place this year, noting 420 people were taken into custody. Most of those arrested were for rioting in the streets, consuming alcoholic beverages on public roads or passing out on public streets.

Of those 420 arrested, 389 were men and 31 were women, all of whom were presented before a judge. Civil Protection also reports that 258 of the arrested were local residents, adding that 21 were national tourists and 141 were foreign tourists.

In March, municipal authorities in Cancun handed out a Code of Conduct to the young spring break crowd that explained the city’s rules. They were asked to keep their clothes on and alcohol off the streets in an attempt to keep incidents such as arrests to a minimum.