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More than 3,800 buildings damaged in Mexico City earthquake

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico City government officials say that the collapsed buildings from the recent earthquake were built before 1985.

Government head Miguel Angel Mancera said that a total of 38 buildings fell from the September 19 earthquake with another 3,800 reporting damage.

“In an initial review, I can say that the vast majority of buildings exceed the years of 1985. But we must review the buildings that could be more recent in this classification,” said Mancera Espinosa.

“I am interested in checking if there are buildings that fell because they do not meet construction standards, but practically all the affected buildings, which are 38, were buildings prior to that year,” he explained.

The president of Mexico is meeting with insurers to reach an agreement so that citizens can access the resources needed to repair their homes.

“The country has insurance for disasters and CDMX (Mexico City) has insurance and funds for infrastructure. The former are high, so people do not always buy them, but we will not stop talking to reach agreements,” Angel Mancera added.

“Substantial progress has been made in requiring the new construction be robust and be built stronger. We hope to make an orderly process for the people for reconstruction so they understand that there is an efficient process in place for rebuilding people’s houses,” he said.