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More than 300 migrants arriving daily, most to Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — Statistics show approximately 300 migrants arrive each day to the northern part of Quintana Roo with the highest percentage settling in Cancun.

Enoel Pérez, federal delegate of the Secretary of Labor, said it is estimated that some 300 people arrive daily in the northern part of the state in search of better work and life opportunities.

He explained that of those arriving, a majority are of the indigenous population from various areas of the country. He says that they arrive without any tourist work experience and / or lack of basic education and training and are exploited in low-paying jobs.

In Cancun, he says they face a hostile environment where discrimination and marginalization prevent them from improving their quality of life, failing in the expectation of development that motivated them to move to Cancun.

Of this segment of the population, Pérez says 75 percent live in the irregular quarters or settlements of the city with only 25 percent managing to have proper housing. He stressed that unemployment within the indigenous population in Cancun is very marked because since they lack skills, they are only hired for low-wage jobs.

A majority, he explained, are employed in the construction industry as bricklayers, laborers and assistants, while in the tourism sector they are assigned to the gardening, cleaning or maintenance areas with minimum pay.

The indigenous women, he adds, usually place themselves as domestic workers selling handicrafts and sweets or begging in the streets.