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More than 30 police patrol vehicles out of service

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – More than 30 of the city’s police patrol vehicles remain out of commission.

Due to mechanical maintenance, approximately 30 of Playa del Carmen’s police units have been removed from the roadways for about three weeks. In the meantime, the patrol vehicles have been decommissioned while they wait for economic funding for the vehicle repairs.

Gabriel Castro Cardenas, municipal treasurer, explained, “I’ve already had a meeting with the commander of the police regarding their budget to have everything up to date. The police patrols are a topic that is currently being resolved. Due to the recent change of command, they’ve been busy with controller changes (…) but the concern is to the operation of Public Safety.”

According to Rafael Castro, senior officer of the Commune, there are between 30 and 35 patrol vehicles in the mechanic shop. Even though the application for financial resources was made, the vehicles have not been repaired because that requires the availability of money, which requires working with the Treasury.

“Most are there for repairs and are just waiting for the money to fix them, and that it is up to the treasurer,” Castro said.

The lack of vehicles leave several areas of Playa del Carmen short on patrols. One of these areas is the neighborhood of Bellavista, where they’ve already been short for more than a month.

Castro said that once the changeover of command officially installs Martin Estrada Sanchez, who is replacing Rodolfo del Angel Campos as CEO of Public Safety,  the new controller will set the budget.

The return of the city’s patrol vehicles remains undetermined.

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