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More than 250 beach vendors shut down in Cancun, Puerto Morelos

Cancun, Q.R. – Local officials have removed some 250 businesses from federal beaches in and around Cancun and Puerto Morelos.

As part of Operation Safe Summer, Zofemat is working in coordination with the Navy, federal police and Supervision and Management Commerce for public roads to oversee the seizures of more than 250 business vendors who walk the beaches selling everything from food to toys.

The purpose of the seizures is to ensure a safe and clean beach experience for everyone and to also make certain that there is no informal trading or dealing occurring outside the standards of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

Officials with Control Directorate  are also checking to ensure that the businesses comply with the operating license they have been granted.

During their seizures, however, there were 45 vendors who refused to leave the federal zone with their products.

The beaches most affected by the tradesmen were Tortugas, Gaviota Azul and the beach entrances at Puerto Morelos.

Each tourist peak season sees another overhaul of the beaches. There are more than 500 people working together including officials from three levels of government to help control the beach vendors.

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