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More than 25 businesses closed down in Solidarity

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – During the past month, more than 25 businesses have been shut down due to irregularities.

Officials from Control and Collection of the City of Solidarity began making their rounds to local businesses and found many small companies were operating without authorization.

Javier Zetina Zavala, director, said that the businesses that were shut down were unable to provide a business license while others were closed due to lack of payment for property taxes. He also said that some of the businesses lacked land-use permits and were operating without permission.

The types of businesses affected included small clothing stores, papelerías and ice cream parlors as well as shoe stores set up in malls. Each business that was closed for non-compliance was also given a fine of 250 days of minimum wage, which is about 17,525 peso.

“The census of the establishments are from March to June of this year. During this period, 40% of the companies registered for payments requested extensions because most do not have the resources to pay. We reviewed the business census and closed companies that did not pay,” explained the director of audit.

He urges all local businesses to keep up with their operating licenses to avoid closures. Zetina Zavala said there are 20 control inspectors operating in and around Solidarity.

According to Control and Collection of the City of Solidarity, there are currently about 7,000 small and medium sized businesses in Solidarity. They are expecting the addition of another 500 before the end of the year.

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