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More than 19,000 plants seized at Akumal nursery

Tulum, Q.R. — A plant nursery of the Wildlife Conservation Management Unit has had more than 19,000 plants confiscated for lack of documentation.

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection has confiscated more than 19,000 plants at a Wildlife Conservation Management Unit in Akumal for not proving their legal provenance.

According to government Notimex, almost half of the species found are considered threatened or subject to special protection in accordance with the Official Mexican Standard.

During the inspection to the Bahía Príncipe Native Plants Nursery in the municipality of Tulum, those responsible did not present the documentation to prove the origin of the plants.

Government officials say they also lacked the registration of the species with the General Directorate of Wildlife of the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources.

When touring the Wildlife Conservation Management Unit which, is 4,954 square meters and houses more than 22,000 types of national wild flora, some species were identified under the risk category in the Official Mexican Standard.

At the time of the inspection, officials say they seized 19,124 plants, a majority of which were various types of palms.