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More INM agents added to key airports around Mexico

Tourists traveling to international Mexican airports for their annual winter thaw or spring break blow-out should encounter shorter wait times in immigration lineups.

To reduce traveler processing times, Mexico’s INM (National Immigration Institute) has added more agents at six key airports around the country.

Aside from Mexico City and Cancun, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Monterrey and Los Cabos airports have also received additional personnel.

According to INM, more than 240,000 foreign travelers arrive at the Mexico City airport each month. They say that on average, it takes about three minutes to process each traveler. With 40 INM desks and 140 flights per day, immigration can process approximately 3,000 foreigners in the course of 25 to 30 minutes. To help ease the busy Cancún airport lineups, INM has doubled the number of agents.

US travelers who frequently travel to Mexico can use their Viajero Confiable or Trusted Traveler program as long as they are enrolled in the US Global Entry system. Travelers in the Trusted Traveler program input their own information and scan their own passports, a process that takes less than the traditional three-minute method.

Trusted Traveler scanners are available at the Los Cabos, Mexico City and Cancún airports.

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