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More evidence needed in regard to Grand Coral mangroves

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Citizen complaints that have been made in regard to the destruction of the mangrove by the Grand Coral will not be investigated.

Numerous citizen complaints have been made with the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) since August 5 for alleged violations to the General Law of Ecological Balance from the filling in of the mangrove by the Grand Coral. However, these complaints have not been accepted by Profepa as they do not consider them to contain the necessary evidence needed to launch an investigation.

An excerpt from the response by Caroline Garcia Canyon, a Profepa delegate to Juan Carlos Beristain Navarrete who filed the complaint, said:

From the analysis of the complaint subject of this agreement, it is evident that it does not meet the requirements of processability (sic) provided by Article 190, section III (…) this authority agrees to warn the complainant to within 5 working days ( …) and present accurate information to help determine where the alleged acts are being performed (…).

Even though the destruction of the mangroves has been reported by various local media outlets and citizens alike, Profepa stands firm that the information presented is not sufficient to be seen as evidence.

“What do you want? Profepa are asking me to give them the legal name of a company that is in sight of all,” said Beristain Navarrete.

Last week, inspections were made by the director of Environmental Planning and Urban Development, Eduardo Morentín Ocejo, who will not comment on the Profepa response.

The response from Carolina Garcia finished with a thank you to Beristain Navarrete “for their efforts in supporting the Federal Government of the Republic in consolidating a more prosperous Mexico.”

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