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More charges in the works against ex-governor Borge

Cancun, Q.R. — Quintana Roo authorities say more charges against ex-governor Robeto Borge will be added to the current 16 filed complaints.

As part of the process of review and inspection by state government personnel with the Secretary of Public Management in Quintana Roo, Rafael del Pozo Dergal reported eight additional investigations have been carried out against the administration of former governor Roberto Borge Angulo.

He explained that in some cases, audits have been completed which give way to new criminal complaints that will be added to the 16 that have already been filed with the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

“We currently have more than eight investigations in progress, however, we have already completed some audits that will be filed and added to the current list of complaints,” he said adding “The current 16 filed complaints add up to 11 billion peso and could be more in the coming months.”

Other areas being audited during his term include the Ministry of Finance and Planning (Sefiplan), the Commission for Youth and Sports of Quintana Roo (Cojudeq) and the State Institute for Education of Quintana Roo (SQCS). He explained that based on the annual audit program, some investigations will conclude in mid-September while others wont’ be completed until December.