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Monterrey town takes to public shaming to curb littering

Monterrey, Mexico – A northern town in the state of Monterrey has taken to public shaming in an attempt to curb littering.

The town of San Nicolas de los Garza, a suburb of the industrial hub of Monterrey, says they pick up more than 25 tons of garbage every day.

To punish those known responsible, the town is taking to drastic measures by placing the mugshots of those found guilty on public billboards with the words “arrested for being a pig”.

The first public shaming was put in place July 29 with a large billboard displaying the mugshot and full name of a man.

Mayor Pedro Salgado told local media that for people caught littering three times “They will be punished by putting their picture and complete name on the billboards of shame.” Those found guilty of littering will also face an administrative arrest and be handed a fine.

“We have to change the culture of cleanliness in the municipality,” Salgado said, defending the move when asked whether human rights were violated by such punishment.

In the town, garbage trucks make their way around the neighborhoods each morning, ringing a bell as they go so residents know to bring their trash, however, many people leave their garbage on the streets overnight. Salgado says it’s that trash that is causing major blocks in the sewer and drainage systems which results in flooding during the rainy season.

Japan is also known for using the public shaming system for repeat bad driving offences.

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