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Misguided Asian bird lands in Cozumel

Cozumel, Q.R. —  Staff of the Center for Conservation and Environmental Education (CEA) rescued a  Bulwer’s Petrel seabird Monday, which is the first of its kind in Mexico.

Cozumel biologist Rafael Chacón Díaz head of CEA, says that the finding of the bird, which is “considered a threatened species” was reported by a citizen in the south of the island.

The bird apparently showed signs of fatigue, so wildlife personnel gathered the young female bird and transferred her to the Veterinary Medical Center of Cozumel for a physical assessment.

The veterinarian verified the species, saying it was a juvenile Bulwer’s Petrel and that she was the first to be recorded in the country. Normally this species of bird lives between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, maintaining colonies of offspring mostly in Asia.

The head of CEA estimates that the bird arrived in Cozumel in search of refuge after being dragged by the various hydro-meteorological phenomena (such as hurricanes) that were recorded in recent months in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

He announced that after the bird recovers, she will be discharged and released to return to her natural habitat and that her sighting in Cozumel will be registered on the Conabio website.

Chacón Díaz acknowledged the invaluable participation of the community in these types of rescues and invited everyone to continue to be part of the care of the environment and natural resources.

This petrel is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical waters. The breeding grounds lie on islands off Japan and China, and southeastward to Hawaii, and birds range across the western Pacific Ocean between these breeding areas.