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Ministry of Tourism to launch new mobile app in January

Last updated on January 14, 2018

Cancun, Q.R. — Beginning next year, the Ministry of Tourism has said it will launch a digital PGR mobile app where visitors can make tourism-related complaints directly to the Attorney General.

The new PGR platform (La Procuraduría General de la República or PGR), will allow regional visitors to report irregularities and abuses they encounter while visiting. The information will then be categorized by PGR officials who will deal with the information by documenting the complaint and providing a follow-up.

In turn, PGR officials are hoping to be able to provide better assurances to tourism areas such as attention to tourists, permanent monitoring, public communication with the local sector, public relations and content strategy.

The project will not only provide an easy-to-use resource for tourists, but will also allow tourism officials to deal with problems they say, affect the tourism industry, including travel warnings and advisories issued by the United States State Department.

Marisol Vanegas Pérez, Secretary of Tourism explains “In the containment protocol when a travel warning is issued or we have a problem of insecurity or any situation, we have a permanent monitoring system that shows us when we must act, when to speak about it and, to whom we should speak as well as how to deal with it.”

He says that there are many instances where reported information is false, inaccurate or internationally negative from a group.

Vanegas Pérez emphasized that in factuality, there are very few tourist complaints received, taking into account the total number that arrive. He says that at the beginning of 2018, visitors will have access to a mobile app that they can use to lodge complaints as well as find consulates and where to go, adding that they are still working on a friendly name for the new mobile app.