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Minimum wage set for 70 peso in October

Cancun, Q.R. – The Mexican minimum-wage commission is raising the minimum wage in the state of Quintana Roo to 70 peso per day.

According to the National Minimum Wage Commission, Mexico has seen two increases already this year. One being in April, when the minimum wage was raised to 66.45 peso per day and the second, to 68.28 peso per day.

Last week, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare held federal bank meetings to assess the rise in  wages in accordance with production and inflation.

Enoel Perez Cortez, federal delegate of the Ministry of Labor, said, “There are factors to consider including inflation, productivity and international market performance. However, the increase is a mandatory federal ruling.”

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare has said they will start implementing checks in order to monitor companies to make sure they increase the wages of their workers.

When the first wage raise was implemented in April, the agency randomly reviewed 100 companies in the state including small and medium businesses as well as hotels. Businesses that fail to update their wages to meet the new federal ruling can acquire fines ranging from 250 to 5,000 times the minimum wage or the equivalent of more than 350,000 peso.

According to CROC, there’s about 42,000 workers in Benito Juarez earning minimum wage. Statistics from the Mexican Minimum Wage Commission shows an estimated 6.5 million Mexicans, or 13% of the workforce, earn the minimum.

The latest increase is set for October.

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