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Miguel Herrera under investigation for politically charged tweets

Mexico’s national team soccer coach, Miguel Herrera, is under investigation by the Mexican Soccer Federation.

The investigation stems from politically charged tweets sent the day of Mexico’s elections which also involves two players.

In a statement, the federations said that it will evaluate whether Herrera and two team players, striker Oribe Peralta and midfielder, Marco Fabian, violated the organizations code of ethics which calls for “maintaining a neutral position on matters of a religious or political nature”.

The coach drew backlash for his tweets backing the Green Party, who were fined millions of dollars for violating local campaign laws.

Herrera, locally referred to as “the Louse”, remains well-known for his exuberant sideline displays during the World Cup in Brazil last year.

His Sunday tweets were “Don’t forget to vote, let’s go with the Greens” and “the Greens fulfill” their promises. Although green is part of the traditional Mexican national team’s color, the phrase “The Greens Fulfill” was the slogan for the political Green Party.

Mexican electoral laws forbid campaigning by parties on election day, however, Green Party officials say they were not behind Herrera’s tweets or any other similar messages sent by a variety of music and television stars.

At a news conference on Sunday, after the team lost in a 2-0 match to Brazil, Herrera said in regard to the tweets, “I’m a human being, I’m a normal Mexican citizen, with statements that I can make in social media,” Herrera said. “It’s simply a personal situation.”

On Sunday, Perapta tweeted, “I want a #GreenMexico!”and urged Mexicans to vote using the Spanish “weargreen” hashtag. Fabian retweeted Herrera and also posted one of his own using the “WearGreen” tag.

It is possible the soccer trio could face fines.


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