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Mexico’s President authorizes the opening of closed Dirty War files to air out possible past corruption

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has authorized the opening of the archives of the Secretary of the Navy in order to learn more about the period known as the Guerra Sucia or the Dirty War.

On Wednesday, López Obrador commented that the authorization to open the files was being added to those carried out by the Commission for Access to Truth, Historical Clarification and Promotion of Justice of serious human rights violations from 1965 to 1990.

“From now on I can inform you that the files of the Secretary of the Navy are also authorized to be opened as is being done in the Ministry of Defense,” he said.

Leading the Wednesday morning press conference, the president pointed out that the Truth Commission guarantees the investigation of acts of repression and kidnappings by the State for decades, as well as justice for surviving victims.

“There are instructions to allow entry to military archives, of course, of all government institutions and I think there would be no problem in the case of the Secretary of the Navy. This Truth Commission is something that matters to all of us, we are interested in knowing what happened,” he said.

In the Treasury Hall of the National Palace, he pointed out that the Undersecretariat for Human Rights, Population and Migration of the Government is monitoring this historical period with the purpose of compensating those who suffered damages caused by authoritarian decisions.

“Punish those responsible and above all, ensure that these acts of authoritarianism, of state intervention against opponents, are not repeated. That there are no disappearances, crimes, massacres, that human rights are respected,” he said.