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Mexico’s Firecracker Coach Lights up Sidelines

Action at the World Cup has been nothing less than sensational, but there’s one man gaining a lot of eye-catching attention. Mexico coach, Miguel Herrera, has a wild side as seen by millions of worldwide fans every time his team scores a goal.

His winning reactions are so intense that clips of Herrera have flooded social media platforms. Whether he’s yelling at officials, embracing players or rolling on the floor in celebratory victory, it’s impossible to miss the visual antics. And why would you want to?

Many fans have taken to Twitter with comments: “Miguel Herrera on the sidelines should be a Broadway show. I’d watch for years straight.” Another tweet said, “Miguel Herrera reactions are the best reactions ever.”

The national team became his last year when the 46-year-old took charge after Mexico faced continuous struggles in their qualification group. Herrera was successful in taking the team through a New Zealand playoff, which secured Mexico’s players a berth in Brazil.

He has been a constant rock of support for his players as the team makes their way through the playoffs. After their latest win Herrera held a press conference saying, “That is one of the happiest days of my life. It was a hard fight, but my team pulled through.”

 As Mexico advances, Herrera’s endless team spirit and unforeseeable new heights are worth watching.


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