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Mexico’s famous soprano Diana Hayek announces retirement

Oaxaca, Mexico — Mexico’s famous opera soprano, Diana Jiménez López de Hayek, has announced her retirement with the support of her daughter, Hollywood actress Salma Hayek.

Jiménez López de Hayek says it’s time to say goodbye. “It’s a good time to say goodbye even though I have one hundred percent my voice and I can sing any area or operatic piece, but my body can not stand as before.

“At 63, I prefer to continue with my passion and teach music, so I say it’s fair to retire,” she said.

As part of the 25th Anniversary of the Veracruz Cultural and Social Center, the soprano explained, “Having a daughter like Salma makes me feel pride, fear, happiness and nostalgia, for everything she now represents, because I expected it to be great, but not in this way.”

Diana stressed that she never put her dreams on her children, because her greatest wish was for her to see her children fulfill their own dreams. “She was in the sixth semester of the university at Ibero when she told me my dream is to be an actress and since then, I supported her unconditionally.”

She said that although Salma has her own family and lives in London, they are always in constant communication.

“She lives all over the world and since I am Valentina’s grandmother I take care of her when Salma travels so I see her often. We talk to each other everyday. ”

Jiménez López de Hayek noted that she will spend Christmas and New Year’s with her daughter in London.

“I go and will cook a delicious Mexican dinner, because her husband is fascinated by the food.”

Diana Hayek is originally from Salinacruz, Oaxaca, but her children were born in Veracruz.