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Mexico will not abandon dreamers says Videgaray

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico says it will not abandon “dreamers”, endorsing its commitment to Mexicans affected by the recent rescinding of the American DACA program.

Earlier in the month, the American Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the administration is rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Luis Videgaray, Mexico’s Foreign Minister, made an announcement during a press conference at the Consulate General of Mexico in Los  Angeles noting that he’s aware that “dreamers” want to remain the United States, nevertheless emphasized that the administration of Pena Nieto will receive with open arms every young person who loses his benefit of DACA and decides to return.

“The effort of the Government of Mexico is also to support (the dreamers) to fulfill their dreams of staying in the country where they have grown up, who they know and where their life is.”

Videgaray said that the Foreign Ministry is reinforcing lobbying in the US Congress to take advantage of the six-month window to see who will be affected.

As for the possibility that the Trump Administration supports legislation that regulates the status of “dreamers” in exchange for the construction of the wall with Mexico, the foreign minister said that although the United States is sovereign to protect its borders, Mexico would consider this is an unfriendly decision.

“We believe the important thing is that a definitive decision is reached on the migratory status of the dreamers,” he said adding that if they should return, it would be a great gift to receive these young people who have received a great education, speak English and are very creative.

“In the end it would be beneficial for Mexico and a loss for the United States to lose this work force,” he said.

Videgaray added that although the number of deportations to Mexico fell 31 percent in these eight months compared to last year, Mexican immigrants have reported “more intimidating procedures that generate uncertainty among the community” by authorities, especially in conservative states like Texas.