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Mexico to host additional 260,000 for upcoming national holiday

Mexico City, Mexico — As one of Mexico’s most celebrated holidays nears, the association of hotels says the country will see the arrival of nearly 260,000 visitors.

The Mexican Association of Hotels says that national holidays attracts a large number of visitors who they explain, like to visit Mexico during historic holidays due to the variety of foods, tours and family activities. The association points out that 43.3 percent of tourists admit they prefer to visit the country during national events.

This has proven to be a positive trend over the past several years according to the Secratariat of Tourism who adds that these 260,000 visitors to the country for the two-day holiday weekend will add approximately 484 million peso to the main tourist destinations.

Cities most visited by tourists are Mexico City, Cancun, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Tijuana. The National Chamber of Commerce reports that on average, businesses including restaurants and supermarkets see an 8.79 percent increase in sales due to the tourist spike during national holidays.

According to information provided by, the demand for Internet tourist services has also experienced an increase of 25 percent into the end of August, with tourist packages for flight and hotel ranging between $7,500 to $15,600.

Sylvia Esquivel, manager of explained that, “This year, the Mexican holidays will be on a weekend which can be extremely fun and allow visitors to take advantage of travel within our country, so we are happy to offer exclusive promotions to our travelers during this season. “

Esquivel said that the gastronomy, culture and folkloric of Mexico is something that undoubtedly prompts tourism to increase it worldwide, making the country a reference destination full of history and tradition.