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Mexico to brace for likely gas hike next year

Mexico City, D.F. – During a recent meeting, congress left the door open to the possibility of a 3 percent hike in gasoline prices for next year.

During their meeting to approve next year’s revenue package, both houses came to the agreement that any fuel increase would be in proportion to calculated inflation and, according to the General Criteria for Economic Policy, it could be 3 percent.

Senator Mario Delgado said that percentage would mean paying about 40 cents more per liter on average.

“It is posing a gasoline increase of about 40 cents per liter based on the expected inflation in the coming year, which is 3 percent,” he explained.

Daniel Avila, member of PAN, acknowledged that there is no legal limit to prevent the increase of the price of gasoline.

“Nothing guarantees that the fuel prices will not rise and that the price of gasoline will not exceed current levels,” he said.

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