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Mexico has a small, but vibrant presence at PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico makes its presence known at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics with a small but vibrant group.

While none of the athletes live in Mexico, the four who are representing the country say they are doing so with pride. The Winter Olympics opened Friday in PyeongChang with a small army of Mexican personnel marching out with flag in hand.

The 2018 Olympics will see four Mexican nationals compete for medals. The four Olympians are Sarah Schleper, Germán Madrazo, Robert Franco and Rodolfo Dickson who will join the thousands of other athletes for a chance at a medal.

Although none live in the country, “I feel very proud of the place where I was born. I now train and reside in Canada, but my origins are in Mexico,” said Rodolfo Dickson.

Sarah Schleper, a 20-year-old skier representing Mexico at the Winter Olympics explained, “I feel fortunate to represent a beautiful country. My family is Mexican, so for me it is a pride to wear the colors.”

Schleper,represented the United States at the JOI in four editions.

“We all know that our country is not known for practicing winter sports. However, when you have a dream, you always look for a way to achieve it. I hope that the four dreamers who participate in PyeongChang can be an example of what can be done,” said Franco.

The stage entrance was led by Germán Madrazo who will participate in cross-country skiing.