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Mexico reopens Ghana embassy after 30 years

After nearly 30-years of closure, Mexico has decided to re-open its embassy in Ghana.

On Tuesday, President John Dramani Mahama received seven letters of credence to the new Ambassador at the Flagstaff House, one of which was from Mexico.

President Mahama said Ghana and Mexico had shared values but, unfortunately, trade between them was low and now, feels it’s an opportunity to strengthen business and bilateral ties between the two countries.

He also took notice of the lack of high-level visits between the two countries, saying the last Ghanaian Head of State to visit Mexico was Dr K. A. Busia in 1971, and expressed hope that the coming of Mrs Aguirre, Mexico’s Ambassador to Ghana, would change the situation.

The President also stated that the two nations also shared values in the fight against the illicit drug business and expressed Ghana’s solidarity with Mexico in its battle against drug cartels.

Mexico closed its Accra, Ghana embassy in 1980 but is re-opening in hopes of strengthening bilateral trade. President Mahama says his administration will cooperate fully with all envoys to ensure the bilateral relations in trade, commerce and economy were strengthened in the coming years.

Mexico’s Ambassador to Ghana, Maria De Los Angeles Aguirre, agreed that both countries stand to benefit from the re-opening of the embassy.

“We decided to open our first Embassy of the actual government here in Ghana in recognition to the very important role that Ghana plays in the Sub-Sahara region and also internationally.”

Mrs Aguirre said she was very proud to be the first Mexican Envoy to Ghana after more than 30 years’ diplomatic absence, and promised that she would work assiduously to strengthen the ties between the two countries.

Other envoys include ambassadors from Seychelles, Denmark, Tanzania and Serbia, who were also at the Flagstaff House to present their letters of credence.

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