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Mexico records coldest day of winter season with -16C

La Rosilla, Durango — Mexico’s meteorologists say the coldest day of the year has been recorded in the town of La Rosilla in the state of Durango with -16C.

La Comisión Nacional del Agua (Conagua) reported the exceptionally cold temperature of -16 C (3.2 F), which they say, was recorded Sunday morning in the municipality of Guanaceví, making it the coldest recorded day of the 2019-2020 winter season.

Conagua says the extreme low temperature was due to the arrival of Cold Front No. 30, which is expected to weaken during the hours of Monday, however, in the meantime, residents of La Rosilla had to continue suffering out the mass of cold air that brought frost and cold temperatures to the north and central regions of the country.