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Mexico ranks low on Global Peace Index

Mexico — Mexico has ranked 140 on the recent Global Peace Index findings.

Mexico came in 140 out of 161 countries. The idea gauges global peace using three broad themes. These themes include the level of social safety and security, the extent of domestic and international conflict and the degree of militarization.

Figures generated for the Global Peace Index are done so by the Institute of Economics and Peace, an international panel of peace experts that use data collected and collated by the  Economists Intelligence Unit.

Patricia De Obeso, a spokeswoman in Mexico for the Institute for Economics and Peace, says that “More militarization means lower levels of peace.”

The GPI found the most peaceful countries to be Iceland, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, and New Zealand while Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Iraq are considered to be the least peaceful.

The goal of the Global Peace Index (GPI) is to measure the relative position of nation’s and region’s peacefulness. The index is updated and released each year at events in London, Washington DC and at the United Nations in New York.

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