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Mexico presidential clashes arise during first transitional meeting

Mexico City, Mexico — Monday was the first day of classes in Mexico as well as the first of the transitional meetings between the current president and president-elect who announced the new educational reform by Peña Nieto will be replaced.

The announcement was made during their first meeting when president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the change during the initial moments of the transition.

“It will be replaced by a new plan that takes into account teachers and parents. Education is not a privilege, it is a right,” he said.

The two have contrasting positions on the subject of education. While Peña defended the reform that was approved by his government, which he said he will push until the last day of his term, Obrador insisted that the educational reform will be canceled to implement a model that takes teachers into account.

In front of the outgoing president, Lopez Obrador emphasized that at the beginning of his government the educational reform will be canceled and that he will push in Congress the corresponding legal changes for a new educational model.

“At the time we are going to present the initiatives to cancel the educational reform and publicize a different plan with a legal framework adjusted to the new circumstances, but I do want to show that the current education reform will be canceled and will be replaced by another reform that will take into account teachers and parents. We are going to abide by what is established in the laws,” Obrador said.

He argued that education is not a privilege and stressed that educational reform can be improved to ensure the quality of education and expansion of coverage.

“We have to convince, not beat. We have to incorporate the teachers. No educational reform can be done without the teachers. We are going to build a consensus with teachers and parents, “he said.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said he respects Obrador’s views on the issue, although he said his government will continue to push it until the last day of the administration stressing that the next Congress will decide the future of said reform.

“There is a different vision. This government promoted a framework that we have publicized widely. And we also respect a different vision to the one we have postulated.

“This government will continue its impulse to what is in the law. And, having a different position, it will correspond to the new government and Congress. In one thing I am certain, that the outgoing and incoming government want a quality, secular education. In that there is no dispute,” said Peña Nieto.

On Monday, as nearly 26 million kids across Mexico headed back to school, current president Peña Nieto announced his new education reform that was implemented into both private and public school systems.