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Mexico judge grants definitive suspension against several articles of AMLO’s hydrocarbon law

Mexico City, Mexico — A judge has granted a definitive suspension against several articles of the recently approved Hydrocarbons Law (LH), a judicial document showed Monday.

The suspension “must have general effects”, according to the resolution, which means that it will favor all companies subject to the law.

The ruling granted by the judge protects companies against the provisions of Article 57 of the LH (Ley de Hidrocarburos) which establishes that the authority can temporarily occupy the facilities of permit holders, intervene in the permits or suspend them.

It also provides that state-owned productive companies, in this case Pemex, may assume operations with suspended or intervened permits.

The judge’s ruling also reverses two transitory laws and prevents the authority from revoking permits that fail to comply with the minimum storage required by the Ministry of Energy or that violate any provision of the rule.

According to the document, the Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle, was given three days to publish her decision.