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Mexico hotels sanctioned for labor abuse

Cancun, Q.R. – Last year, the Secretary of Labor and Social Security sanctioned 20 hotels for labor abuse.

Fines were imposed on all 20 hotels on a per-worker basis totaling more than 40 million peso.

Enoel Isaías Pérez Cortez, federal delegate with Trabajo in Quintana Roo explains, “The cases have been very few since employees do not dare place demands,” adding that many workers will not make the appropriate complaint in fear of losing their jobs.

However, Pérez Cortez says that they make a point to conduct unannounced inspections, often privately interviewing employees to detect employment abnormalities. It is through this system, he says, that they find most cases of labor abuse.

The main issues with companies are lack of overtime payment, delay in payment, lack of Christmas bonuses and employees being overworked.

“No one has the right to abuse. Whomever is caught committing the crime of employee abuse will be punished or fired.”

Pérez Cortez added that of the 30 employee abuse cases they had last year, only two of the head abusers were fired from their position but later reinstated by order of the Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Board, citing a misunderstanding.

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